Forget Everything You Know About Concrete

Ordinary concrete is cheap and plentiful, but not without its drawbacks. Its brittle, breaking suddenly and catastrophically when overloaded. Its curing unleashes undesirable chemical byproducts that are detrimental both cosmetically and structurally. It shrinks, cracks and leaks. It is highly alkaline, leading to attack of surface coatings and internal reinforcing over time. And it is one of the most significant contributors to worldwide CO2 emissions.

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In addition, typical concrete mixes are very brittle. They tend to snap suddenly like glass rather than bending to absorb overloading like plywood or fiberglass would. Sudden failure is the last thing you want in the event of a sudden impact like an earthquake or hurricane.

GreenFLEX Ductile Concrete

GreenFLEX™ retains only the beneficial strength generating compounds from ordinary concrete, replacing the detrimental ones with a proprietary enhancement of powders, liquids and multi synthetic fibers to provide unprecedented long term strength and durability.

GreenFLEX™ bends like wood when severely overloaded, instead of suddenly snapping like glass. GreenFLEX™ retains no trapped free water, has fewer internal voids, greater resistance to freeze/thaw cycles, substantially reduced shrinkage, permeability and susceptibility to cracking. GreenFLEX™ has a naturally lower PH value (alkalinity) that provides longer lasting finishes and eliminates the potential for alkali attack upon internal reinforcement. The resulting product is so strong and durable we can use much less of it, dramatically reducing CO2 footprint.

Bending the Rules

A truly ideal structural material is not just incombustible and resistant to mold and rot, but also able to flex to absorb overloading from unexpected impact or natural disaster.

Utilizing a proprietary combination of synthetic fibers and our methods of controlling their individual reactions within the cement, we can give GreenFLEX™ both the stiffness and the flexibility needed to achieve ideal structural properties.

GreenFLEX Cement Structural Insulated Panels

GreenFLEX + SIP Technology = Superior Strength, Durability, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.
Structural insulated panels (SIPs) act as a structural I-beam by using a lightweight, super-insulating EPS foam core clad by thin structural facings on each side. SIPs are a proven technology that has been around since the 1930’s. We build structural insulated panels exclusively with our proprietary GreenFLEX™ reinforced cement structural skins to create a composite building system that combines the advantages of and is superior to both solid precast concrete and traditional wood-based SIP more